Customized Service


What We Can Customize?

Game ID

We will brainstorm relevant keywords and themes, experiment with word combinations, evaluate for uniqueness and appeal, and finalize a memorable name that aligns with the game’s identity and target audience.

Game Music

We will consider the desired mood and emotions, match the music to the game’s theme and gameplay, and collaborate with a composer or choose appropriate tracks that enhance the gaming experience.

Game Logo

We will  consider the game’s genre, style, and target audience. Incorporate relevant themes, characters, or symbols, choose appropriate colors and typography, and create a visually striking design that represents the game’s identity.

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Game Lobby

We will consider the game’s theme and atmosphere. Design an inviting layout, choose appropriate visuals and colors, incorporate interactive elements, and provide intuitive navigation for players to enhance their pre-game experience.

Lucky Wheel

Firstly, we will add images and text on each slice. Secondly, we will match your branding or choose a fun and festive theme, adn then we add your logo to make the wheel your own. At last, we will adjust the winning chances for each slice, depending on the prizes you’re offering.


We can make the game easier or harder to suit your skill level, and remap the controls to your liking. Also we can adjust the setting to create a unique experience. We can also provide various game modes for you to choose.


Customized Process

cusomized process

1.Send Inquiry/Email

Get in touch with our sales staff via email or send an inquiry.

cusomized process

2.Say Your Demands

You should tell us what kind of games you need, including the types, names, application scenes of your dreaming game.

cusomized process

3.Waiting Our Reply

Our salesman will reply quickly and tell the quoted price and finished time.

cusomized process

4.Develop Games

Our development team starts making the game. The development cycle is about 2-4 weeks. We will proactively communicate with you if there are any matters during this period.


cusomized process


After the game development is completed, we will conduct a series of rigorous tests, including game software testing, hardware matching testing, etc., to ensure that there will be no problems later.

cusomized process

6.Deliver Goods

We will strictly package according to your needs (sending game software online or supporting hardware to make a motherboard) and then ship the product.

Why Customized?

Why Choose Customized Service?

why choose customized

Customized service can better meet the individual needs of customers, which means the autonomy be in the hands of the customer, and we will be responsible for the cooperation.

Customized game products can avoid the problem of homogeneity, and the uniqueness of your products can help you stand out in the market competition.

Our company name is Pro Games, we are a professional skill games developer, and we also provide customized service for all our cusomers, you can select our games via our website or contact us directly to say your demand.

Customizing games can help you save a lot of costs, such as market research, field visits, and consulting team fees. With us, it can be done in one stop.

Customized services do not require too many processes. You only need to tell us your needs or the model of your favorite product, and we can respond quickly and give you a new similar game.

We have a professional development team consisting of over 50 individuals. Each aspect, including game conception, design, modeling, numerical planning, and coding, is assigned to dedicated personnel.

We will provide you with technical guidance before sales, including game selection, game supporting hardware, game solutions, etc.; After sale, we will provide you with installation and instructions, software operation support, worry-free return and exchange services.

What Can Pro Games Give To You

Advantages Of Being Our Customers

one stop

2.Save Money & Gain More Income

All products will be sold at ex-factory prices with no minimum purchase quantity, helping you save a lot of costs. And our products have many market advantages and can help you earn good income.


1.One-stop Game Solutions

We can solve any problems in your games career, including selecting suitable game software products, customizing personalized games, matching corresponding hardware products, etc., and helping you quickly establish your business.

save money & gain more

3.Caring Service

We will provide suitable game products and customized game solutions for you to choose from before the sale. After the sale, we will provide guidance on installation and various setup services. Also we will be online 24 hours/365 days and respond quickly to put your mind at ease.

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