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Wild Link

Game Descriptions:

A new 4 in 1 Verticle Multigame brought to you exclusively by American Alpha Inc. Wild Link can be used stand alone or linked for the Jackpot! 

Game Features:

High-Resolution HD Graphics

User-Friendly Setup

Touchscreen Only

Prize viewer Option

Skill Options

Linkable for Community Jackpot

Configurable Jackpots



Game Details

Descriptions Of Each Game:

Under the snowy night sky, a snow-white wolf stands and roars under the round moon, cheering you on. In the puzzle piece below, you can see a variety of animals, including butterflies, brown bears, eagles, chameleons, etc. What you need to do is connect them in a line and then destroy them. In the process, you may trigger different rewards, different multipliers, and free game opportunities. Accumulated points allow you to trigger a super spin, giving you the chance to gain the biggest prizes. Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey through the winter wonderland, where the Snow Wolf skill game reigns supreme!

Travel back in time to the prehistoric era and witness the mighty dinosaurs in this thrilling skill-based link game. Dinosaur takes you on an epic expedition where you can encounter these ancient creatures on the reels. The green dinosaur is walking in the forest with its teeth open. The success of the puzzle below determines the length of the end it can reach. Different species of dinosaurs, explosive volcanoes, and blooming palm trees are all symbols of that era. This is a skill-based link game that can take you back to the Jurassic Century, and now let the roar of the dinosaurs lead you to massive wins and unforgettable adventures!

Buffalo is a link game that uses the yellow desert as the background to show the natural scenery of the cowboys in the American West. Led by three strong and ambitious bulls, you embark on this adventure. During the journey, you may encounter prickly cacti, ferocious leopards, stubborn wild horses, venomous snakes, and the bones of dead animals. Everything looks so scary. But don’t be afraid, you just need to link the same patterns in a row and then destroy them, and your journey will not be disturbed. So prepare to be mesmerized by the stampede of buffalos and embark on an unforgettable winning journey through the untamed wilderness!

Journey deep into the heart of the jungle and encounter the king of the rainforest in this exhilarating skilled arcade link game: Gorilla. With its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Gorilla transports you to a lush and vibrant world filled with savages, elk, zebras, hippos, leopards, sika deer, and various species that inhabit the Amazon forest area all appear on the game reels, allowing you to chase and dispatch them. Spin the reels and witness the power and strength of the majestic gorilla as it guides you towards exciting bonus features and big winnings. Let the rhythmic beats of the jungle drums guide your way as you embark on an unforgettable adventure with the Gorilla!


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